Road-biased dual-sport tires like the Dunlop Trailsmart work amazingly well offroad, but if you really want to get off the beaten path, you need something with a more aggressive tread pattern. That’s particularly true if you plan to encounter sand or mud, which are the real test of your adventure-biking skills. Dropping pressures to around 25 psi will help you get through them, and your big knobs will impress the ladies. We don’t need to tell you to take plugs to fix your tubeless tires and whatever you need to patch your tubes. And reinflate them.

The Continental TKC80s ruled the roost there for a while; Michelin’s new Anakee Wild (pictured on a V-Strom 1000) seems to be just as good, and claims to provide much more mileage in the bargain. The Pirelli Scorpion Trail IIs also strike a nice compromise of pavement and dirt capabilities. Oh yeah, the bike has a lot to do with it too. Get one you can pick up when it falls over. Tune in next week for a nice comparison test of six of our favorite adventure bikes.