Personally I feel reasonably safe zotting about town in jeans and my high-top Nikes, but I wouldn’t set wheel off pavement without serious boots and some kind of moto-clothing with good padding in at least the knees and elbows – preferably also in the hips and shoulders, and a good back protector isn’t a bad thing. You can get all that without breaking the bank – or you can go ahead and break the bank, since it’s mostly wealthy boomers buying these ADV bikes, and get yourself a nice Aerostich Roadcrafter suit or a KLIM one. Both provide great protection from balance failures and weather, and both make good sleeping bags should it come to that. If you’re riding in hot weather, of course, flow-through motocross gear gets it done.

Helmet-wise, you want something that lets in plenty of air even when you’re only rolling along at 5 mph, because off-road is a far more strenuous activity than on-road. I love my Shoei Neotec modular, but that’s just me. (No, JB, it’s not just you… —Ed.)

Shoei Neotec Helmet Review