Sorry, Ducatisti, but the Streetfighter, in my mind, had a lot to live up to and fell short of those expectations. I was skeptical when Ducati decided to split its naked bike segment and give the Monster air-cooled engines and the new Streetfighter line liquid-cooled mills. As a fan of the Monster lineage the styling of the Streetfighter didn’t appeal to me – the Monster is beautiful and attractive, the Streetfighter a member of Fight Club – and yet if I wanted maximum performance from a Ducati naked bike, the SF was where I’d find the 1098’s monstrous V-Twin.

Sure that engine is a ripper, but power application is jumpy at low speeds and once it got roaring there was an imbalance between it, the chassis, and base model suspension (the 848 version was much better balanced). Then once you look past the enormous power you’re greeted by a stiff and grabby dry clutch, a tall seat, slippery pegs, and an enormously annoying exhaust shield that forces your right heel to point awkwardly outward. It would seem as though I’m not the only one who was let down by the Streetfighter, since Ducati axed the SF line and brought the big engines back to the Monster.