If you’re looking for a perfect example of a motorcycle that should have been awesome but failed miserably, both Burns and Duke agree the Bimota Vdue is it. The company’s first and only attempt at producing an engine on its own instead of borrowing from others, on paper it had two ingredients that should have made a recipe for greatness: 1.) 500cc 2.) Two-stroke

The reality, however, was an utter disaster. When JB and KD rode it at Streets of Willow back in 1997, its fuel injection system was simply terrible, and no amount of ECU twiddling fixed the horribly lurchy and unpredictable throttle response. It was so bad that JB remembers taking the bike out for just a few laps before calling it quits. Duke persevered but it never ran right. In fact, Bimota was never able to make it run properly, and it eventually caused the temporary demise of the little Italian company. Later efforts at bolting on carburetors cured the problem for track bikes, but they were no longer street legal. Relegated to an unfortunate corner of motorcycle trivia, the Vdue was a harsh way of telling Bimota to stick to what they were good at: building frames around other people’s engines.