Senior Diaper Changing Editor Tom Roderick isn’t one to talk when it comes to looks or style, but he echoes the sentiments of many in regards to the styling of the Pierre Terblanche-designed Ducati Multistradas. “Probably the most hideously styled Ducati ever,” were Tom’s exact words. It’s a weird-looking bike, to be sure, with its insect-like styling and upper windscreen that moves with the handlebar whenever you turn it. But as Duke notes, once you’re riding it, you can’t see how ugly it is anyway. This was made easier by the fact the Multistrada 1100 was a functionally fantastic motorcycle, capable of burning miles with impressive performance and comfort. Still, you have to get off the bike eventually, and few can honestly say this is a beautiful sculpture to stare at. In terms of Italian beauty, the first-gen Multistrada missed the mark.