Speaking of small boutique brands, we can’t forget about Cleveland Cyclewerks. We gotta give this small company credit for its well-styled and affordable motorcycles. If you’re pinching pennies to the extreme yet still want a new bike that has attitude, CCW is worth a look. Take Tha Heist, for example (yes, that’s its full name). We think it looks pretty good for a hardtail. When new in 2012 it cost $3,200 and even came with a 12-month warranty.

You’ll likely need it if our short time with Tha Heist was any indication, as the tail light and one of the footpeg assemblies vibrated itself loose within the first 50 kilometers of riding it. Everything stayed in place after we tightened the bolts back up, but other concerns included a sticky front fork, questionable handling, oil seepage from its Chinese-made Lifan air-cooled Single, and overall lack of quality compared to its Japanese rivals.