We gotta give props to small boutique brands like Confederate for even putting forth an effort, and in the case of Confederate, its efforts are some of the best looking we’ve seen in the cruiser (if you want to call it that) category. That said, boutique brands are subject to growing pains just like everyone else, and in the case of the Confederate America GT there were definitely some oversights.

Cruiser guy Brasfield got his hands on an America GT while he was at another publication, and while it soaked up the attention of everyone’s eyeballs, once EB got to riding it, it was his clothes that soaked up a gallon of gasoline – the five-gallon tank’s poor sealing meant you could only put four gallons in it without risk of it sloshing out. Then there was the poor fueling issue and terrible vibration that all combined to let the bike down. The America GT sure is a looker, though, and that makes up for a lot. At least for a little while.