5. BMW lost in the Wilderness…


The Bavarian Motor Wonks have always gone their own way, but for a while there, they were way off in the desert. I got to ride an R1200CL cross-country and liked it fine, but there was just something slightly unholy about a BMW Electra Glide. Others must’ve picked up the vibe; you don’t see many R1200Cs around. The Boxer wound up way happier in the GS bikes.

BMWs first attempt at a Gold Wing was another wretchedly excessive slightly fowl fish, in my book anyway, the nautical K1200LT. Probably a nice bike if you’re 6’6 and 300 pounds.

Anyway, BMW is back in a way nobody foresaw in those days, and slurping everybody’s milkshake through a fire hose. Just goes to show how much things can change if you hang around long enough.