1. Kevin Schwantz COTA helmet


As much respect as I have for Kevin Schwantz, I never really fancied his helmet much. That changed a couple weeks ago, when I happened to be at the Circuit Of The Americas during MotoGP weekend and stayed a couple days later for the Suzuki MotoGP team test. There, Schwantz was testing a Yoshimura Superbike in order to prepare for his upcoming Suzuka 8-hour race later this year. He also whipped out this gorgeous new take on his classic design. The above photo really doesn’t do it justice, but, like the Russell helmet at the start of this list, the detail work is exquisite. The combination of colors pop to my eye, and the matte finish, which is hard to see in this photo, looks stunning up close. Until two weeks ago I had Rossi coming out tops in this list, but I think, being the student of the sport that he is, he’ll gladly step aside for number 34.