3. Honda Integra NC750D

100214-top-10-bikes-not-in-usa-03-Honda Integra

Yes, folks, there’s not one, but two scooters on this list! The Honda Integra NC750D (not to be confused with the Acura Integra car, also from Honda, which I once actually owned) just might be the perfect commuting two-wheeler for me. Using a 745cc version of the 670cc parallel-Twin seen in the NC700X and CTX700 we get Stateside, the bigger engine means more power, and who doesn’t love that? I’m a fan of Honda’s Dual Clutch Technology, and having such an option on a scooter – this scooter – really appeals to me. Then of course you have the storage compartment scooters are known for, plus the impressive gas mileage these engines routinely return. It’s likely the bigger displacement will mean a slightly worse mpg figure, but I’m not worried about it. Lastly, look at that picture above. Isn’t that an awesome graphics package?!