7. Honda CB650F

100214-top-10-bikes-not-in-usa-07-Honda CB650F_racing colors

Honda’s on a roll as late, bringing a flurry of new, affordable models to the masses in an attempt to reinvigorate the moto industry. There are two new 300s, three 500s and a CBR650F, just to name a few. Seems all well and good until a peak around Honda Europe’s website reveals this, a naked (and eye-catching!) version of the aforementioned 650 that, at least so far, isn’t coming to America!. It’s got the same 650cc inline-Four and many of the same components as the CBR650F, but it ditches most of the bodywork to show off the four header pipes that run down and to the right of the bike. Upright bars should give it an even more relaxed riding position than its fully-faired brother, too. Honda America reps, if you’re reading this, please bring this bike here, would ya?