10. Yamaha R25

100214-top-10-bikes-not-in-usa-10-Yamaha R25 trio

Considering the success of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Honda CBR250/300, it’s puzzling why other OEMs aren’t jumping in the small-displacement game. Especially puzzling is Yamaha. It already sells the R25 in the Asian market, and if you ask me, the tuning fork company’s quarter-liter parallel-Twin sportbike looks worlds better than either of its aforementioned Japanese competitors. The perfect jumping off point for the future R6 or R1 owner, little bikes like these are fun, and a part of me is jealous you folks in my ancestral home of Indonesia (and surrounding area) get to enjoy the R25 while I don’t. If any of my relatives back home are reading this, please set up a test ride for me, would ya?