Here’s yet another dual-sport motorcycle from China, this time the CSC TT250. We’ve had relatively good experiences with CSC products in the past, having tested both the RX3 adventure bike and RC3 sport bike, but we have yet to ride the TT250, CSC’s least expensive offering. Featuring a counterbalanced, carbureted, air-cooled 229.5cc Single and five-speed transmission, the TT250 is by no means a speed demon. However, it does get a new digital speedometer for 2017, so you can keep track of the modest speeds its claimed 16 hp and 13.5 lb-ft will get you. An 18-inch rear and 21-inch front are fitted with knobby-ish tires, ready for some light-grade off-roading.

Like the Qlink in the previous spot, if a full-size motorcycle appeals to you more than the mini bikes like the Z125, and bottom dollar is key, then the TT250 is also worth a look. And unlike other bikes on this list, which may have questionable after-sale support, CSC has an office space and warehouse in Southern California, ready and eager to send parts and offer servicing advice if you need it.