Now we’re playing in super inexpensive territory, where less than $2000 will get you a  new motorcycle. In this case, the Kymco K-Pipe 125. For those especially on the cheap looking for a bike with something resembling big bike dimensions, the K-Pipe is it. Its 17-inch wheels give it a taller seat height than others in its category with 12-inch wheels, but we were let down by the K-Pipe’s anemic 125cc air-cooled Single. Weak even for its class, the meager 7 hp and 5 lb-ft it puts down to the ground are less than awe-inspiring. That said, its semi-automatic transmission will keep the engine running while in gear even at a stop – making the clutch seemingly trivial. Experienced riders might scratch their heads at this, but new riders could find this a huge benefit.