2. Moto Guzzi Griso Delux-o


The V7s are just too small and too soft. And the new California 1400-based Guzzis are okay, but to me they’re just tooooooo big. Why doesn’t my favorite Guzzi, the Griso, get any love? It’s just right. On our dyno, the Griso’s 1151cc V-Twin made 95 horses to the 1380cc California’s 83 – and a measly one lb-ft less torque quite a bit higher up the tachometer. At heart, the Griso engine is a revver, the California more an H-D-style chuffer. Also, the last Griso we had on the scales weighed 556 pounds (curb) to the California 1400 Tourer’s 708. Wheelbase wise, the Griso is more than five inches shorter than the California.

I’m not sure what I want Guzzi to do with my favorite Guzzi (and an all-time fave motorcycle), but something cool, something sporty, something modern! Surprise me! Instead, we’re probably going to see this new California Bagger at EICMA. I’m underwhelmed.