#6 Harley-Davidson Breakout

Harley-Davidson Breakout

While plenty of Harleys merit mention on a list such as this, the MoCo’s newest power cruiser makes a great candidate for a tall rider who wants to go American-made. The Breakout features a 1.25-inch drag bar and forward controls, making for a knee-bend of 119 degrees. In my March review, I called the forward controls “large and intuitive,” and claimed the reach to the bar as “not insignificant.”

Truth be told, taller journalists who were present at the launch in Daytona earlier this year found the Breakout far more comfortable than those who were perhaps, ahem, short of leg. At 5’11” I’m pretty average-sized, so I found it to be reasonable enough on our short test ride; but as mentioned in my review I could surely foresee a cramp or two after a long day sprawled across this tank. But the Breakout’s vast rider triangle just might be ideal for a lanky rider.