The everyman’s Panigale, Ducati’s new Supersport and Supersport S models offer sporting capabilities that are more accessible to the masses, while also being more comfortable than the superbike flagship. Powered by a 937cc Testastretta 11º Twin as used in the Hypermotard 939 recently tested at 101 hp at its rear wheel, the bike has plenty of punch, but not enough to be overwhelming like the big Panigale; you could call it the Goldilocks of the Ducati sportbike (or sporty-bike) line. And Ducati has spec’d out various packages as options, including a Sport package and a Touring package to go alongside it. Spell out the ingredients and you have an athletic engine mated to a Ducati trellis frame, with rational street-biased ergos, capable suspension and sticky rubber. We can see the story forming now: MOron rides Supersport to far-away track, ditches the panniers, dons leathers, destroys knee pucks, then rides home. Can you see why this bike ranks so high up the list?