2. Victory Octane (?)


Unlike the certainty of the forthcoming Suzuki GSX-R1000 concept, the state of Victory’s new platform is a bit more fluid. We know for sure Victory is building a bike utilizing an engine based on the V-Twin from Indian’s Scout, and we’ve seen a veiled glimpse of what it might look like via the Ignition concept (seen above) shown at EICMA. Built by Switzerland-based customizer Urs Erbacher, the Ignition displays a Scout-based V-Twin, which is what will be used in the upcoming production machine, rumored to be called Octane, a name Polaris (Victory’s parent company) trademarked in 2012.

Another source of possible futures for the Octane is the Zach Ness-constructed Combustion concept displayed at the New York IMS. The Combustion uses the same liquid-cooled 1200cc 60-degree V-Twin engine and chassis of the Ignition concept. “This new engine offers the most versatility in American motorcycling,” says Gary Gray, motorcycle product director. “Both of the concepts, Ignition and Combustion, are intended to show what this motor is capable of in very distinct, visual forms. While the bikes are different, the powertrain is capable of delivering the performance in both cases.”


The Combustion is similar to the Ignition but trades cast wheels for wire-spokes and an inverted fork for the conventional one seen here.

Yep, we’re excited. Bring it on … now … please!