10. Zero SR

Zero SR

What is it?
A hopped-up version of the Zero S, the SR model boasts 56% higher torque and 24% more power thanks to a higher-capacity motor controller. In addition, the SR, along with the rest of the Zero street lineup, gets a beefier, 43mm fork, revised shock, and a tweaked chassis for more rigidity. S and SR models also get a wider 140mm rear tire.

Why are we excited to ride it?
Because the e-bike industry has been progressing leaps and bounds during its relative infancy and Zero has been a pioneer in the field. Year after year the products are significantly better than their predecessors, and Zero isn’t showing any signs of letting up. The SR, with its 67 hp, 106 ft-lb, and up to 171 (claimed) city miles should go a long way in easing fears about range anxiety while helping to sway public opinion about electric motorcycles from toys to legitimate vehicles. Not only that, but the SR also promises to be a genuinely fun motorcycle for a day in the canyons. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?