The most expensive electric bike you can’t quite buy is the Lightning LS-218, which also claims to be the world’s fastest production motorcycle thanks to its 218-mph run at Bonneville a few years ago. It also won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2013, beating all the ICE bikes, as well as a bunch of other e-bike race wins.

Pricing starts at $38,888 and rises to $46,888 for the upcoming version with a 20-kWh battery purported to yield a range of 160-plus miles. Even the cheaper model claims a usable freeway speed range of more than 100 miles and a combined city and highway EPA range of over 150 miles, and the gas savings alone would probably pay for the bike within, ahh… eventually.

The only downside is that Lightning doesn’t seem to have delivered any of them yet. However, its Business Development Manager, Dave Swock, tells us that they are constructing 50 LS-218s this very month, and that future buyers will receive their new bikes within about 120 days of ordering.

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