States With The Fewest Motorcycle Fatalities in 2015

Plucked from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), here are the states with the fewest annual motorcycle fatalities in 2015. These figures are fatalities only. There is no consideration given to geographic size, topography, population, population density, annual miles traveled by motorcycle, or any other pertinent information that would better determine the actual safety record of a given state. But maybe, just maybe, the knowledge that you’re riding in a state with very few motorcycle fatalities will provide a positive psychological edge.

For the macabre among us, Florida is the state with the most motorcycle fatalities at 577, while California (456) and Texas (440) rank second and third, respectively. No other state even breaks into the 200s. However, and I think I speak for most California motorcyclists, you won’t find us moving to another state regardless how safe it is, real or perceived, until lane-splitting is adopted. Obviously the practice isn’t that dangerous or we wouldn’t be losing to Florida.