$368 – $468: Cycle Cabana


With winter fast approaching (and already here for many of you), it might be time to put your bike away for storage. But what if you don’t have a great spot to keep your bike protected from the elements? That’s where the Cycle Cabana comes in. Available for both indoor and outdoor applications, the one-inch tubular, powder-coated steel frame comes partially assembled and is easily assembled with hand tools. An optional floor assembly is available as well.

When you’re done riding, simply open up the accordion-style frame and roll the bike in. Nothing comes in contact with the motorcycle, and the heavy-duty cover is held in place to the frame members with multiple Velcro straps. Two large vents allow air circulation and help avoid condensation, and the shape of the Cycle Cabana allows rain or melting snow to fall away. Available for up to two bikes, the Cycle Cabana works for the smallest of scooters to the largest of baggers. Visit www.2wheeltouring.net for more information.