$259.99: Cortech Women’s LNX Leather Jacket


One of the fastest growing segments in this sport, the influx of female riders, means companies have taken notice, no longer passing off smaller versions of male jackets to lady customers. With the LNX leather jacket, Cortech has shaped it to fit the specific contours of a woman’s anatomy. Constructed with both perforated and non-perforated 1.2mm – 1.3mm leather, the LNX features removable CE-approved armor in the shoulder and elbow areas. Cortech also fit the jacket with both a full-circumference and 8-inch zippers to allow the user to attach an appropriate pair of riding pants for full-body protection.

To help keep the rider warm on colder rides, the LNX features a removable inner jacket liner which itself has removable sleeves. Two front pocket vents, one large exhaust vent across the back, and accordion panels at the shoulder and waist helps the rider feel comfortable. Lastly, to help accommodate a sporty riding position, the LNX also features rotated sleeves. Visit www.cortech.com for more information.