$259.75: Condor Pit Stop/Trailer Stop Wheel Chock


If you’ve ever had to transport a motorcycle, without actually riding it to its destination, then you’ll appreciate just how convenient having a motorcycle chock like the Condor Pit Stop/Trailer Stop can be. In case you aren’t familiar with how these things work, you simply roll your motorcycle onto the chock, and the locking arm along the X-axis rotates into position, securing your wheel into place. The benefits are plentiful: it saves space, makes it easier to perform maintenance work since the bike isn’t leaning over to one side, and it also makes loading a bike onto a truck or trailer much more secure.

Racers or trackday guys will find the chock especially useful, as you can use it to haul the bike to the track, and once there it can be used as a bike stand after every session – no need to fumble with your side stand or place one hand on the tail section while jockeying a rear stand into place. The patented adjustable cradle can fit all kinds of bikes, from dirtbikes to sportbikes, cruisers to tourers, and it will work on front and rear tires from 14 inches to 22 inches, with widths ranging from 80mm to 230mm. The Condor website is where to go for more information.