$250: Saddlemen Express Desperado Saddlebags with Shock-Cutaway


When you bought your cruiser all those many moons ago, you didn’t think you needed luggage. “If it can’t fit in a backpack, then it doesn’t need to come with me,” you said. Maybe today, however, you realize the error of your ways. Having a little extra storage space is rarely a bad thing, and with Saddlemen’s Express Desperado Saddlebags, there’s now an easy solution for your storage needs.

Designed to fit around the dual shocks found on some cruisers, the Express Desperado bags don’t require you to mess with signal relocation kits or other wonky installation methods. Desperado styling features straps, with chrome buckles and studs, along with hidden quick-detach locking latches. The rigid construction helps maintain the bag’s shape, while inside you’ll find a nifty mesh pocket, ideal for carrying maps and other small items. A carrying handle is included, and the hat box lid helps improve weather resistance. Visit www.saddlemen.com for more information.