$489: SpeedAngle Lap Timer and Motion Data Logger


If you’ve seen our 2015 Literbike Spec Chart Comparison, you’ll notice the latest batch of superbikes come filled with all kinds of electronic rider aids to help the rider go faster around a track. One of those items is GPS-based lap timing, with the ability to record lean angles and g-forces in realtime. But what if your bike doesn’t have these gadgets? What do you do then to help improve your riding? That’s where the SpeedAngle comes in.

With its built-in accelerometer, bank-angle sensor and GPS receiver, the SpeedAngle lets a rider see and analyze their riding, no matter the bike, street or track. In its simplest form, street riders can use the data as a personal riding-skills tool. As skills or desires progress, track riders and racers can overlay each type of data (lap time, lean angle, g-force) over 14 pre-programmed racetrack maps to see where they are strong and where they’re giving up time. Inputting a new track is made simple as well. All the of the SpeedAngle’s info is downloadable via USB, and when used in conjunction with SpeedAngle’s Replay and Analysis software, it’s quick and easy to review your riding with those of others.

The unit requires no wiring or drilling to the bike, weighs just 15 oz, and its 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery provides up to 14 hours of use. More info can be found at www.speedangle.com and purchasing info is available at www.markbiltracebikes.com, the exclusive U.S. distributor.