$499: Atacama Expedition Tent


For those who embody the term “Adventure-Touring,” the Expedition Tent by Atacama should be near the top of your holiday wish list. Essentially a mobile living quarters complete with makeshift garage, the Expedition Tent really is a home away from home. Capable of sleeping three, with separate entryways for each person, the Expedition Tent weighs about 13 lbs and, when packed, measures 9 inches x 21 inches. The tent is mainly composed of Ripstop Nylon, and is meant for three-season use. It can be completely closed off for privacy, or the user can choose to unfurl the bug-resistant mesh panel in each vestibule to let in fresh air. Only three poles are required, and each is color coded, making set-up and tear-down a breeze. A must-have item for the hardcore adventure riders out there, visit www.redverz.com for more information.