As we grew up, we started working in our father’s motorcycle dealership after school. Motorcycles were our daily bread, and big bikes, our dreams. We were selling Hondas and Yamahas, lots of them, affordable motorcycles, and everybody became a motorcyclist. During those years, European brands were having a hard time fighting the Japanese. The catching up was tough – some brands disappeared, others tried hard to reinvent themselves. One afternoon while at the dealer, I saw a friend of mine riding this motorcycle (no helmet laws at that time). It had a little fairing painted orange fluoro. We spent the afternoon riding this LeMans, and I remember thinking to myself, “This thing is rough, it’s Italian – but how much motorcycle it is!”

It just felt different. The bikes we were selling at that time were just perfect, but something was missing, something I discovered later on while working in Italy. The passion involved in the process of creating an Italian motorcycle is something unique and still today creates the difference in what we ride. Special place for the LeMans on the list!