The year 1990 found me working for the Cagiva Group, cutting fairings to show how Ducatis needed to show their engines. During those days, I had a chance of a lifetime: I spent an afternoon in our model shop at Varese with John Britten, who was in Italy for the week because of some Monza races. That afternoon remains one of the peaks of my career. Britten explained in detail how he was able to construct each part. Being in New Zealand, so far away from everything, forced him to do everything himself. I still remember his explanation of the carbon wheels construction.

The V1000 is a bike where one could start from the front axle and spend hours enjoying each detail all the way to the tail. The simplicity of each makes the whole amazing, and the best part is that it goes, and fast. Carbon fiber, engine, radiator, layout, construction, exhaust – the list goes on, still today, one amazing motorcycle icon. One thing we shared with Mr. Britten for certain: our passion for the Vincent Black Shadow.

Well, it was really difficult to keep the list down to 10, and this closes it for now. The Monsters, RSV4s and Californias are for a new chapter. –Miguel