10 Ways To Keep Cool In Hot Weather On A Motorcycle

Summer is most certainly upon us in the northern hemisphere. That means lounging at the beach, sunburns, and beautiful long days to enjoy rides on your motorcycle. Summer means different things depending on your geographic location, from triple-digit scorchers to high humidity levels that have you sweating before you even strap on a helmet.

Riders try various methods to coping with hot weather. Some people will always wear leather, some choosing mesh and textile in the hotter months, and others no gear at all, the latter being a really bad idea. Click here for an example from a video we recently posted to see how riding without gear can result in pain. There are plenty of ways for riders to keep cool during the summer that will help you stay in top condition and keep you comfortable and focused on riding. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to keep you cool as a cucumber during your summer rides.