For the 2018 model year, KTM has tried to address some of customers biggest apprehensions when considering electric motorcycles while also opting to not to rest on their laurels and continue to advance the Freeride E platform we have seen previously.

For 2018 the KTM Freeride E-XC’s PowerPack has been upgraded with an increase in capacity from last year’s 2.6kWh to a new max of 3.9kWh. KTM’s Product Marketing Manager from Austria mentioned that the new battery, which will fit into previous generations of Electric Freerides, extended his ride time near his home in the woods from one hour to 90 minutes. Also interesting is the motorcycle’s ability to regenerate charging while coasting in the least aggressive (Eco) ride mode to allow the user more time on the trail. A reworked, lightweight chassis fitted with new, higher performing WP Xplor suspension front and rear has been added to give the Freeride more performance-oriented usability. We also see an increase in peak power from 16kW to 18kW, which translates to 24.5 hp; the near-instantaneous 31 lb-ft of torque remains the same.

2017 KTM Freeride E-XC First Ride Review

Customers now have an option of leasing the battery and charging system for 50 euro ($58.98) per month, which seems to be a great idea given the rapid technological advancement in battery technologies. The 2018 Freeride E-XC is priced at 7,500 euro which puts the motorcycle on par with its I.C.E. Freeride 250. However, that price doesn’t include the cost of the battery and charger, which retails for 4000 euro. KTM’s main goal is to remove all of the negatives traditionally associated with electric motorcycles and level the playing field as much as possible in terms of price, weight, and practicality.

While the new Freeride E-XC is nearing production, no official announcement has been made about its availability in the U.S.