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5 Entry-Level Motorcycles You Can Grow With

The new-to-North America “adult-sized” entry class is growing fast, and has plenty of solid options to choose from

7 days ago

Best Used Motorcycles Under $10K

Ten Big Ones opens up a lot of possibilities

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Top 10 Used Motorcycles Under $5000

Things weren’t half bad a decade ago; now they’re half-off (or more)...

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2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 Review – First Ride

The Yamaha R3 gets a facelift and new springs to its step

2 months ago

Top 10 Dual-Sport Motorcycles of 2019

With Honda being the first of the Japanese to bring a true performance dual-sport bike back to their line, we…

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2018 Yamaha XMAX Review

Automatic for the People

2 months ago

Motorcycle.com’s Best Shootouts of 2018

Peep Motorcycle.com's Best Shootouts of 2018.

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Best First Rides of 2018

The bikes we knew would be good from the moment we rode them

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Yamaha Teaches You How to Knit Your Own Niken

We've heard the term "crotch rockets" thrown around but in this case, "crochet rockets" might be more appropriate. In what…

3 months ago

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Officially Revealed But Not Coming to US Until Late 2020

Good news: after giving us looks at a concept and a prototype, plus a prolonged promotional campaign, Yamaha officially introduced…

5 months ago