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2019 Honda Super Cub Video Review

Motion pictures of the Super Cub in action

8 months ago

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Honda Super Cub

With 100 million Honda Super Cubs sold around the world, and counting, Honda holds the title as having the best…

8 months ago

2019 Honda Super Cub Review: First Ride

You’re gonna start meeting the nicest people again

8 months ago

2019 Honda Monkey Review – First Ride

Motorcycle.com touches down on the Isle of Monkey to test the 2019 Honda Monkey.

1 year ago

Watch the New Honda Super Cub Being Produced at the Kumamoto Factory

Since 1958, Honda has produced more than 100 million Super Cubs. As we approach the 60th anniversary of the Super…

2 years ago

Marquez and Pedrosa Battle… On Scooters!

UPDATE: Honda has now released a higher-quality video of the race in its entirety. Check it out below. The key…

2 years ago

Top 10 Things at the Honda Museum

Well, this is not The Honda Museum, which I suppose is in Japan somewhere.

4 years ago

Top 10 Random bikes I saw In Japan

Troy went to Japan to get away from motorcycles and, well, that's probably not the best location for that.

4 years ago