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Motorcycle Insurance Reimagined: Meet VOOM Pay-per-Mile Insurance

VOOM is a usage-based insurance offering that bases motorcycle insurance costs on how much customers ride their bikes.

3 months ago

Motorcycle Insurance for Beginners

Let’s take a look at tips for helping new motorcyclists navigate their way through the tricky insurance web of deceit!…

3 years ago

Most test rides require signing an insurance waiver making the potential buyer responsible for any damage during the test ride. Do ANY companies sell Test Ride Insurance?

Most test rides require the rider to sign an insurance waiver. Do any companies sell motorcycle test ride insurance?

8 years ago

Can I get insurance without a license?

If the question refers to having a basic driver’s license, then the answer is yes but there will often be…

9 years ago

If I sign up and pay for an insurance policy to start on May 1 but I get into an accident on April 15 (let’s say under another insurer’s policy), will the new policy be affected?

This depends on the timing of the purchase. While it varies by state, insurers generally have a couple of months…

9 years ago

Top 10 Holiday Gifts Between $500-$1000

If you really want to make the motorcyclist in your life eternally happy, this list should have what you're looking…

9 years ago

How much liability insurance is really needed if you have an estate value of $500,000 or more?

If you are at fault for an accident and the medical bills from the injuries or property damage that you…

9 years ago

How Do Helmets Affect Motorcycle Insurance Premiums?

Unlike auto insurance laws, motorcycle insurance laws in many states do not require the carrier’s insurance to cover medical costs.…

9 years ago

Top 10 Cheapest Motorcycles To Insure

Motorcycle insurance is a slippery subject. With so many options for coverage, it’s hard to keep track of every kind…

9 years ago

I want to get a dual-sport motorcycle that I can ride on the road and in the trails. Do I need to buy extra insurance to cover myself for off-road riding?

This can vary by carrier. Be sure to ask your agent if the policy provides coverage both off-road and on-road…

9 years ago