Evans Brasfield

MO Wrenching: How To Lube Cables

Lubing your motorcycle’s cables should only take a few minutes, but it pays dividends every time you operate a control.…

3 years ago

MO Wrenching: How Do I Change My Coolant?

We recently covered how to check to see if your coolant is in good enough condition to protect your bike…

4 years ago

MO Wrenching: How To Bleed Your Brakes

Bleeding your brake's hydraulics is fairly easy and should be done to replace the hydraulic fluid at the intervals recommended…

4 years ago

MO Wrenching: Brake Caliper Rebuild

Proper functioning of the brake caliper depends on pistons that move easily within their bores.

4 years ago

How To Adjust A Motorcycle Chain

Walk around at any motorcycle gathering and count the bikes with limp, sagging chains. Often, the worst examples also are…

4 years ago

MO Wrenching: Why You Need A Torque Wrench

All mechanics, even casual ones, should have a torque wrench – or two.

4 years ago

How To Adjust Your Gear Shift Lever

Experienced riders have a ritual every time they get on a new bike. They adjust the mirrors and levers before…

5 years ago

How Do You Check A Motorcycle’s Oil Level?

Checking a motorcycle engine's oil level can reveal important information about its mechanical condition in addition to being good preventive…

5 years ago

How to properly check your motorcycle’s tire pressure

OK, I know, checking a motorcycle’s tire pressure is super easy. All you do is take out your handy tire…

5 years ago

MO Wrenching: How To Replace Brake Pads

Brakes perform a critical job on a motorcycle, which means you should pay special attention to the condition of your…

5 years ago