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Ducati Will Power The All-Electric MotoE World Cup Starting In 2023

Ducati has entered the electric market in a big way.

10 months ago

Triumph Poised To Lead The Electric Motorcycle Field With The TE-1 Prototype

Phase 2 of the project is complete, and it looks promising

1 year ago

2021 Harley-Davidson Livewire Adds Weight, Loses Power

Australian certification documents hint at bigger battery for Livewire

1 year ago

Lightfighter Electric Superbike: The Mini-Series. Part 1

Part 1 of the Lightfighter v2.0 journey: its maiden voyage

2 years ago

The Lightfighter Electric Superbike Is Back And Better Than Ever

Version 2.0 was set to dazzle, but 2020 had other plans

2 years ago

Damon Motors Is Completely Changing The Way We Look At Electric Motorcycles

Damon's mixing it up with two new models, a central platform, machine learning, and a subscription plan

2 years ago

Voxan and Max Biaggi Set 11 New Electric World Records

The Voxan Wattman reaches 254 mph

2 years ago

Harley-Davidson Issues Recall For Select Livewire Models

A software fix cures the unexpected shutoff of a small batch of Livewires.

2 years ago

Electric Motorcycles: 5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more mainstream thanks to the automotive industry, we see more and more information swirling around…

2 years ago