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UPDATED: Harley-Davidson Suspends LiveWire Production

LiveWire production suspended over charging issue

15 hours ago

Lightning: Building Electric Motorcycles

For whatever reason, American motorcyclists have been very slow to adopt electric motorcycles, ironic since the most innovative and interesting…

2 weeks ago

KTM is Forming a Joint Venture with GasGas

KTM has come to the rescue of GasGas, forming a joint venture with the Spanish off-road brand that will see…

3 weeks ago

Best Electric Motorcycle of 2019

Best Electric Motorcycle of 2019: Zero SR/F The last 10 years have taken us through the childhood of electric motorcycles,…

1 month ago

Riding the Zero SR/F Pikes Peak Racer

The official line whenever I’ve spoken to Zero reps is that the company is in the business of making street…

2 months ago

2020 Harley-Davidson Livewire Review – First Ride

Riding Harley-Davidson’s most important motorcycle in 100 years

3 months ago

Kawasaki is Developing a Hybrid Motorcycle

We've been waiting for some time now for electric motorcycles to take the next big leap towards the mainstream. Thanks…

4 months ago

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster Concept

The new concept is an interpretation of what an electric motorcycle would look like while keeping BMW’s traditional Boxer configuration.

4 months ago

BMW’s C Evolution Scooter Could Get a C1-Style Roof

BMW introduced a new generation of scooters when it debuted the C650GT and C600 Sport (since renamed the C650 Sport)…

5 months ago

Top 10 Exciting Motorcycle Developments of 2019 So Far…

It’s been a stellar year for new motorcycles; our frequent flier miles are piling up like crazy as we span…

5 months ago