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Riding, And Racing, The Lightfighter LFR19 Electric Motorcycle – Part 1

The Lightfighter LFR19 is the electric sportbike with the potential to disrupt the industry

2 months ago

Is Electric Bike Racing The Next Big Thing?

Now that Dorna is getting involved, this could be a turning point

2 years ago

Top 10 Motorcycle News Stories of 2015

The last 12 months saw a lot of ups and downs, and here’s to hoping there will be more of…

4 years ago

Victory Isle of Man TT Zero Racebike Test

I’m tucked in behind the bubble of an authentic Isle of Man TT racer watching numbers roll past 140 mph…

4 years ago

2016 Victory Empulse TT Second Ride Review + Video

We give the Victory Empulse TT a real-world test by visiting L.A.'s best veggie burrito joints.

4 years ago

Trizzle’s Take – Maturation Point

Debating when electrics will be ready for the masses.

4 years ago

2016 Victory Empulse TT First Ride Review

While the Harley-Davidson LiveWire remains a long-term project, the Victory Empulse TT will be available later this year.

4 years ago

Victory Isle of Man TT Zero Racer On A Dragstrip + Video

But how quick can Victory's podium-finishing Isle of Man TT e-bike get down a quarter-mile dragstrip?

4 years ago

Tomfoolery – Electric Faster Than Petrol at IOM TT

While ICE motorcycles make incremental improvements, electric motorcycles make larger gains

5 years ago

Victory To Race Electric Prototype At Isle Of Man TT

Is Victory turning a new electric leaf?

5 years ago