Mips Makes $7.3 Million Investment Into Quin

Helmet technology company Quin has successfully secured $9 million in Series A funding, with significant contributions from individual investors and helmet safety pioneer Mips AB (publ) (“Mips”). Mips has committed $7.3 million to acquire a 25% stake in Quin, a sensor-based technology firm specializing in event detection and data-driven emergency response protocols.

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Forcite’s High Technology Helmets Now Available in the United States

Forcite and Tucker Powersports, announce the availability of Forcite MK1S, the world's most advanced motorcycle helmet, through powersports dealerships in the United States. The highly sought-after Forcite MK1S touts a first-to-market smart helmet system and advanced features in audio, visual and road alert systems for motorcycle riders.

Forcite MK1S capabilities are unmatched in the motorcycle helmet industry and operate as a system (helmet, built-in electronics and a related Forcite app) to provide an engaged and connected riding experience. 

Tech features include:

  • A proprietary road alert and in-helmet, peripheral LED display that communicates route information and turn-by-turn directions to the rider, with no need to look away from the road ahead. 
  • High-end audio with Harman Kardon speakers and a dual microphone designed specifically for Forcite's motorcycle environment.
  • Built-in action camera with 1080p resolution, low-light capability and a Sony IMX sensor. 

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Crash Tested (With Video!): Forcite MK1 Smart Helmet Review

Reviewing a crash-tested piece of gear is up there on our least favorite things to do on this job, and when said piece of gear is a helmet, we’re especially annoyed – and that’s putting it mildly. However, the fact I’m here and able to write a review about a crashed helmet at all is a good sign, especially when the helmet comes from an up-and-coming company in the smart helmet space. 

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First Look: PLY Smart Helmet

“Smart” technology: it’s a buzzword that tells you a device is enhanced in some way, usually by connectivity to other devices. Odds are your helmet is dumb: it’s just a helmet. But in an era of smartphones, houses, appliances, cars and even eyeglasses, odds are you want your helmet to do more than just protect your melon from wind, weather, or bouncing off the ground. 

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