Jorge Lorenzo Talks 2019, His New Bike and Rival Marc Mrquez

One of the biggest news stories in MotoGP for 2019 is Jorge Lorenzo leaving Ducati after two years and joining the factory Repsol Honda team, replacing the now-retired Dani Pedrosa. The move comes as a bit of a shock for a few reasons, but it also pairs the three-time MotoGP World Champion with five-time – and reigning – champ, Marc Marquez.

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Kawasaki H2R Takes On All Comers In The World's Ultimate Drag Race

Only a company like Red Bull could pull together the resources to rent the largest airport in the world to stage the world’s ultimate drag race. Seeing as how this yet-to-open airport is in Istanbul, Red Bull called up seven of the fastest vehicles and pilots – including fighter pilots – Turkey has to offer to go head-to-head in this exhibition of speed.

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Marc Marquez Turned A Few Heads During His First Formula 1 Test

It’s only natural for world-class motorcycle racers to also be interested in car racing – specifically, Formula 1. Valentino Rossi might be the most famous of the MotoGP world champions to try four wheels. He routinely participates (and wins) rally races after the MotoGP season is over, and he came pretty darn close to driving for Ferrari’s F1 team after a series of tests. To date, however, only the late, great John Surtees is the only person to ever win the 500cc world championship (1956, 1958, 1959, 1960) and the Formula 1 title (1964).

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Ryan Dungey and Red Bull Present: Homegrown

We’ve all seen ‘Field of Dreams’ where Kevin Costner builds a baseball field into a cornfield, and while that was pretty neat, I think we can all agree building a motocross track into a cornfield is waaay cooler.

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Trial by Ice: Watch Dougie Lampkin Turn an Igloo Into a Trials Motorcycle Course + Video

Red Bull is known for creating insane and off-the-wall stunts for its athletes, and while this one isn’t overly dangerous, it certainly scores high in the unique category. Watch as trials rider Dougie Lampkin turns an igloo and a few ice sculptures into his own personal trials bike course.

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Marc Marquez Rides His RC213V Up A Ski Slope

What do you get when you combine the budget and might of Red Bull, MotoGP champion Marc Marquez, his Honda RC213V, and a ski slope? The title says it all. You get one of the most talented motorcycle pilots on the planet piloting a 260 hp beast through the snow and up one of the toughest slopes in the World Cup of skiing.

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Weekend Awesome: Drifting in a Winter Wonderland

Engines ring
Are you listening
On the lake
Snow is glistening
A beautiful sight
We’re happy tonight
Drifting in a winter wonderland.

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Trizzle's Take – Straight Awesome

This might ruffle some feathers, but when I think of an all-American form of motorsport, I think drag racing (sorry NASCAR fans). In this land of excess and consumption, what’s more Americana than 500 cubic inch big blocks drinking 11.2 gallons of nitro-methane per second, pumping out massive amounts of horsepower (top fuel dragsters make in excess of 8000 horses!), and clearing the quarter mile in under 4.5 seconds at over 300 mph. It’s impressive stuff. Add in the one-on-one competition between two drivers/riders and the emotional highs and lows that come from victory or defeat, and you have a drama-packed event with non-stop action. I mean, have you been to an NHRA drag race before? It’s intense.

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