MO Tested: Shorai LFX Lithium Battery Review

Motorcycle batteries are one of the many consumable parts of a motorcycle that we don’t usually think about until we hear the dreaded click-click instead of the starter motor turning over. Sometimes, all that is needed is a recharge to get the battery operational. However, each time a battery gets completely drained, it’s life is shortened. This is particularly common with motorcycles that are only ridden occasionally (like the Kawasaki KLX300 used here). Since lead-acid batteries lose their charge significantly faster than the newer lithium-iron phosphate batteries, I decided it was time to upgrade the stock battery on my Kawasaki KLX300. My battery of choice was the Shorai LFX since the poor KLX sometimes sits for as much as a month – or more – during the oppressive summer heat here in the Southwest. 

The Benefits of Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries: Myths VS Realities - Updated

MO Tested: Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Battery Update

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MO Testing: WPS Firepower Featherweight Lithium Battery

Well, the old Shorai LFX battery lasted nine years in my carbureted 2000 Yamaha R1, so if this one does that well, I’ll be happy. When we got the Shorai in 2010, lightweight lithium batteries were a new and exciting technology to fear and loathe, and Shorai was one of the only players. Today, there are many more lithiums on the field, so I did what most people do: I looked for the cheapest lithium battery that didn’t have terrible reviews. 

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Ask MO: What Kind of Battery Do I Want?

Dear MOby,

Could you tell which is the best battery type for my S1000RR?

Many thanks, Ray

Dear Ray,

Hmmm, looks like most BMW S1000RRs have AGM batteries as original equipment – Absorbent Glass Mat. That’s a step above the old lead-acid filled battery for sure, and you can read all about AGM tech here if you’re interested. Your BMW dealer will sell you a new one for $158. Some people just feel more comfortable with original equipment, and we can all be happy that original for most of us is no longer the 6-volt antique in the rubber box in the lead photo.

Browsing over to a place like, of course, opens up your options. There, you’ll find the same AGM unit (probably made by Yuasa) for the same $158.52. But alongside that one, you’ll see a plethora of battery options including lithium, lithium ion and gel types, in a range of prices from $63.95 to $208.99. (Also a Parts Unlimited AGM with the same specs as your original for $79.95, or even your local Wal Mart for similar AGM battery pricing.)

All I can tell you from personal experience is I’m a huge fan of lithium batteries. I stuck a Shorai battery in my R1 in early 2010, and when I walked out to my hot garage right now to give the starter a poke, it spun the engine up quickly and the bike fired almost instantly. I do start the bike every couple of weeks, but that’s really only to keep the carb jets clean; the battery doesn’t even need a trickle charger unless your bike has a clock or an alarm that draws a little power. Even then, you can just disconnect the battery if you don’t want to buy a charger. Lithium batteries also weigh a lot less than other types.

The Shorai to fit your bike is model number LFX19A4-BS12, with a claimed weight of 3.2 pounds and a price tag of $199.95 (though they’re having a 20% off sale right now).

We also hear good things about WPS Featherweight batteries, also available at BikeBandit – another lithium ion unit, with a claimed weight of 2 pounds and a $158.95 bottom line.

With any “new” technology of course, there will be naysayers with tales of explosions and fires, and the Samsung Note 7 and hoverboard meltdowns didn’t do lithium ion’s reputation any good. But those were caused by corner-cutting manufacturing techniques. Lithium ion is a mature technology that’s been around for more than 25 years. Pick a reputable manufacturer and you should enjoy years of truly maintenance-free instant starts.

Send your moto-related questions to If we can’t answer them, we’ll at least make you feel temporarily better by thinking you’re talking to somebody who knows what they’re talking about even if we don’t. And if we’re wrong, some smart aleck like Dick Ruble will let us all know immediately.

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MO Tested: Weego JS6 Lithium Jump Starter + Video

With our heads in the moto-sand, we were unaware lithium jump starters existed until Weego’s motorcycle-specific press release arrived. Now on our radar, the Weego piqued both our interest and disbelief. A smartphone-sized device that can turn over, not only a dead motorcycle, but also automotive engines up to 4.6L! Nah … really?

We caught up with Weego at AIMExpo. Although no dead batteries were Frankensteined back to life while at the show, we were convinced the product was worth an evaluation. Not long after returning from the trade show Weego sent us the base model JS6.

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