MO Tested: INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System Review

When we were given the opportunity to test the new INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System, I immediately thought of my friend. Not long ago, he had been involved in a traffic accident that had left his bike totaled after a collision with a car in an intersection. Rider okay, bike, not so much. If he had a camera running to record the situation, he may not have gotten burned so bad on the outcome of his incident. I asked Evans if we could set up my friend with the camera and get his notes on installation and use of the product. He rides quite a bit and commutes by motorcycle nearly every day to and from work. My thought was since my commute is from my bedroom to my home office with a possible detour to the kitchen along the way, my friend could gather more real-world data much quicker than I would be able to.

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