MO Tested: Sidi Arcadia Tex Boots

All these beautiful new motorcycles hanging around my house all the time, combined with the need to look presentable when riding them, have infected me with another disease: I’ve developed a shoe fetish. When our friends at Motonation offered up a pair of new Sidis a while ago, I was smitten by the new Arcadia Tex on their website. In contrast to Sidi’s excellent high-tech racing boots (both road and offroad), these are a “Sidi Design Series” boot, intended for more casual riding and off-bike profiling. Fine by me; I’m not racing most of the time I’m riding. And when I’m stopping for a donut or a fish taco, it’s a known fact that 87% of women and 13% of men notice shoes first when scoping out a member of the opposite sex. It feels good to look good.

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