4 Takeaways from Harley-Davidson’s Q4 2023 Results
Polaris Says Indian Motorcycle Turned A Profit For the First Time

Sixth straight quarter of growing gross profit margin

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Five Takeaways From Harley-Davidson's Q1 2023 Results

Harley-Davidson reported its 2023 Q1 numbers today, and the financial results were generally positive, with significant increases in motorcycle shipments, revenue, net income and earnings per share compared to the same quarter of 2022. The news wasn’t all rosy however, as retail sales were down, and LiveWire has yet to find its footing since branching into a separate brand.

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Harley-Davidson Claims Best Third Quarter Since 2015 Despite Lower Sales

Harley-Davidson‘s much analyzed “ Rewire” plan may be starting to see some positive results, as the company reported its strongest third quarter since 2015 despite decreasing sales volume. It will take a while longer to see if the plan and its eventual follow-up, the Hardwire plan, will pay off in the long run, but for the short term, the Rewire has succeeded in reducing costs.

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