It's Time for the 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1 Quiz

It was 20 years ago when Yamaha decided the Honda CBR900RR was just too fat and slow, and that while they were at decapitating it, they’d just go ahead and spring upon unsuspecting us the lightest, most powerful, full-liter sportbike anybody had ever built. And it was good. From that day forward, if you don’t have at least 1000 cubic centimeters, well, you can go racing but you can’t go top-level racing. Actually, it might be time to start thinking about right-sizing again, but it was really the 1998 R1 that started the modern era of excess. If you can’t get at least 8 of these 10 questions, okay 9, we may cancel your subscription, so give it your best shot. No cheating. Dick Ruble, close that Google window!

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