International Rider Training Symposium

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick

The International Driver & Rider Training Symposium was a weekend-long event comprised of demonstrations, test rides and presentations all geared toward understanding and improving motorcycle safety via training, research, education and technology. The event was sponsored by the newly created powersports division of Bosch, and presented by Cedergrens MEK, creators and manufacturers of an innovative new training tool called Skidbike that we got to test for ourselves.

Kevin Duke and yours truly attended the symposium in search of the prevailing trend in motorcycle safety. We’ll report our findings in the coming days and weeks beginning with our test and video of the Skidbike, the highlight of the event for us. This odd contraption has the ability to turn the most unskilled and hesitant pedestrian into a bonafide motorcyclist, as well as safely teach grizzled veterans valuable lessons.

In addition to the Skidbike piece, we’ll also feature Bosch’s new powersports division and the high-tech company’s drive toward a future of smarter and safer motorcycles. The symposium featured a handful of rider-training experts, everyone from coaches like Total Controls’ Lee Parks to the National Motorcycle Institute’s Joe Elliot, a data expert who also happens to be trained nuclear physicist. Conference topics covered Human factors in Accident Causation, Digital Immigrants, the difference between truth and truthiness in regards to motorcycle safety, and how competition drives progress.

If these subjects pique your interest, keep a lookout for updates to this page for future articles. Thanks and safe riding!

Skidbike Tested

Skidbike may resemble a motorcycle with miniature sidehacks attached to both sides riding atop a couple of skateboards, but once past this first impression you discover the purpose of each component and how they interact as a system.

Technological Strategies To Motorcycle Safety

It’s nearly impossible to purchase a new motorcycle that doesn’t include some form of pre-installed electronic rider aid like cornering ABS, switchable ride modes and on-the-fly adjustable traction control. Behind much of this electronic rider aid development is Bosch.

MO Tested: Cornering ABS

When cornering ABS was introduced, the general consensus among motojournos was, Hey that’s awesome, we’ll take your word for it working as described, because no matter how professional we try to be, grabbing a fistful of front brake mid-corner to evaluate this new technology is a line few were willing to cross.

No Surprise: No Accident

Motorcycle safety instructor, researcher and advocate Duncan MacKillop is one of the founders of No Surprise: No Accident – an initiative proposing that motorcycle crashes are largely a product of prediction failures.

Tom Roderick
Tom Roderick

A former staffer who has gone on to greener pastures, Tom Roderick still can't get the motorcycle bug out of his system. And honestly, we still miss having him around. Tom is now a regular freelance writer and tester for when his schedule allows, and his experience, riding ability, writing talent, and quick wit are still a joy to have – even if we don't get to experience it as much as we used to.

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