Rider Training and Safety

Motorcycle Tires 101

Understanding some basic tire knowledge will help you better care for your rubber and make you an informed consumer when the time comes to get some new round, black hoops for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Beginner - Year 2: Motorcycle Ownership

With his rookie year out of the way, Motorcycle.com's designated newbie enters his sophomore season as a rider. In this new series, we look at how to take the next step and grow as a motorcyclist.

Riding Safe: Crash Avoidance

Nobody likes to think about motorcycle crashes. However, it's a very good idea to think about how to best avoid them and how to increase you chance of surviving them.

Safety Series: Bike Selection

Whether you're new or experienced, cruiser or racer, in order to stay safe and enjoy the ride, it helps to pick the right bike for you.

Motorcycle Insurance: Final Thoughts

When it comes time to renew your motorcycle insurance, be sure to call your agent to make sure you are still getting the best deal going. Insurance companies don't automatically switch customers from old programs to new ones that will save them money.

Motorcycle Beginner: Buying Your First Motorcycle

I've got my license, I've got my riding gear, and I've been through a rider training program. Now comes the fun part and one of the most frequently asked questions by new riders: what bike should I get?

Motorcycle Safety Primer

Motorcycling has always been about fun, but it's not a video game, or a trip to an over-safety-engineered amusement park. Like a lot of higher-stakes adrenaline rushes, riding is a measured gambit, and one to always maintain a healthy respect for.

Motorcycle Beginner: Buying Riding Gear

I've got my license and I've booked a rider training course, but there's one important task I need to take care of: getting riding gear.

Motorcycle Beginner: I Want to Ride

My name is Dennis Chung and I am one of the many behind-the-scenes staffers behind Motorcycle.com. And I have a confession to make: I have never ridden a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Insurance: Mechanics of Insurance

In the penultimate article of our motorcycle insurance series we will cover things you may not know can be covered or have never had explained by your agent, broker or underwriter.