Rider Training and Safety

The SEE System: Increasing Your Visibility

Motorcyclists and scooter riders are arguably the most vulnerable motor vehicle operators on the road. Because of this reality, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has evolved a system for managing the many risks riders face.

Choose a Motorcycle That Fits

A motorcycle that fits well is more comfortable to operate, easier to control, safer to use, and ultimately more enjoyable to ride.

The American Culture of Motorcycle Safety

It's ironic that while our machines are practically one step removed from Star Wars technology, the culture surrounding their use is one step removed from the Wild West.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Spring is in full swing and around the country, motorcyclists are returning to the road after a long winter. But with a sudden spike in motorcycles on the road, it's a good time to remind all motorists to keep a special lookout for motorcyclists.

Group Riding 101

Group riding can elicit a good deal of ambivalence with experienced riders. To be blunt, some dislike group rides and recommend against them. However, camaraderie and fun can add a whole other dimension to your life as a rider.

Should You Ride a Motorcycle?

Riding can be a great activity - but it is not for everybody. Some people really ought to just say, "no thanks," and forget motorcycling altogether.

How to Load Your Motorcycle

The more you pile on your bike, the more you need to pay attention to where you place heavier items, how you attach them, and what the added ballast placed in various spots on your bike does to handling and control.

Night Riding

Riding a motorcycle after dark can be anything from a sub-par and dangerous experience to one that is an enjoyable and equally safe alternative to daytime riding.

Riding With a Passenger

Riding with a passenger on your motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it is something that also ought to involve a fair amount of thought and care.

Riding in the Rain and Wind

Depending on your experience, skill, preparation and risk tolerance, riding a motorcycle in the rain can be anything from frightening to fun.

The Truth about Drinking and Riding

While no one will publicly declare alcohol consumption and motorcycling are OK, there remain definite problems in a culture offering mixed messages.

Road Conditions Quiz

Riding a motorcycle safely and in control means not just better bike handling; it also means judging road conditions. Take our road conditions quiz and see how much you know about riding safely in a variety of conditions.

Motorcycle Beginner - Year 2: 2013 Honda NC700S Review

Our newbie rider north of the border had a chance to take home a Honda NC700S for some testing. This ABS-equipped model is unavailable in the United States, but the fuel-sipping naked standard proved to be a great fit for our Canadian tester.