Triumph Trophy Coat

Over the years Triumph riders have been regarded as a hardy bunch, no doubt due to the cold, wet weather often present in that marque's native England. So it comes as no surprise that such a rugged article of clothing as the Triumph Trophy Coat would come from bikers accustomed to riding their motorcycles through such harsh weather.

Triumph has really done its homework creating this jacket -- it possesses more useful features than a Swiss Army knife.

Such amenities as a zip-out liner, storm flaps, waist drawstring and elastic belt, Velcro cuffs, hard-foam pads in the elbows, back and shoulders, a high-padded collar, reflective stripes and a whopping 10 pockets give a rider everything he could ask for. Co

nstruction is of heavy-duty nylon that wouldn't tear if a pit-bull mauled it.

However, that same heavy-duty nylon means wearing this coat in warm weather required a few tricks: It has no vents to speak of, except for opening the cuffs and unzipping the front, which can also be unzipped from the bottom. Although there is no insulation, with the liner out the shell is air tight and doesn't allow your body heat to escape. Don't put it on until it's time to go riding or else you'll start sweating within moments. On long freeway rides the jacket works exceptionally well, because adjusting the front zipper for adequate airflow allows the rider to be cool when needs be, but in city traffic it gets hot and there's no way around it.

There are a couple of curious features of the Triumph coat: First, despite its ten pockets, there aren't any for warming your hands. This can be frustrating when you're at a rest stop with cold fingers. Another unique item on the jacket is a 'crotch strap' at its tail. Presumably you're supposed to loop this through your crotch and snap it to the fasteners at the front. Although this is probably a great way to keep your jacket from creeping up, none of us cared to have a seat belt wedged up our butts.

Did we mention how many pockets this coat has? Certainly more than most of us will ever need. And just where did they put them all, you ask? How about:

One between the storm flaps and the main zipper.
One hidden inside the small of back.
Two outside breast pockets on each side.
Two outside belt height pockets on each side.
Key clip and pen holder on the left breast pocket.
One on the left upper arm.
A clear directions pocket on the left cuff.
Three cargo pockets across the back.

Overall the Triumph Trophy Jacket is an excellent cool or cold weather commuting and adventure touring coat. In warmer weather it's good for freeway and sport riding, but not so for stop-and-go traffic. Then again, it's not meant to be. At $449 the Triumph jacket is a bit expensive, but the quality of the materials used and the excellent construction should see it last for many years.

Warmth, protection, loads of storage, airtight. Can be unzipped from the bottom. Clear map pocket on left sleeve is great. Bright yellow for daytime visibility; silver reflective shoulder panels for nighttime visibility. The liner can be turned inside-out and worn alone as a lighter jacket.

Very heavy coat, hot on warm days. Lack of handwarmer pockets, high collar limits head movement. The liner cuffs come unsnapped from the jacket cuffs when putting the coat on or off. Limited mobility due to stiffness of the outer shell. Pricey.

Additional Features:
Snap closure belt.
Snap crotch strap.
Zipper and Velcro Cuffs.
Waist drawstring.
Double snap storm flap.
Zipper for attaching Triumph pants.
Colors: black, blue, yellow, red, and British Racing Green.
Suggested coat price: $449.
Suggested pants price: $269 (black only).
Sizing: XS-XXL

Motorcycle Online Rating: ***1/2

You can order the jacket and pants at your local Triumph dealer,
or you can call Triumph at: 1-800-743-3874 to locate your nearest dealer.

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