Triumph Summer Riding Gear Review

Earlier this summer I was pleased  to hear from MO that they wanted me to test some of the excellent summer riding gear from Triumph. After reviewing the huge amount of options available from my Triumph Dealer I settled on a Bright Red Integra Jacket, Black Raptor Vented Jeans, and Explorer 2 Sympatex Gloves. I knew right away that this bit of kit was going to make my summer riding and commuting a much more pleasant experience.

I've always been a "high protection" kind of rider when it comes to gear I wear.

In winter I always wear my faded but trusty Aerostitch Suit, and in Summer I've always suffered through the heat in my Black perforated leathers. I typically  commute about four days a week on my 2002 Triumph Speed Triple or my 2006 Triumph Daytona 675. My commute is near the coast in Southern California, so the temperatures are usually quite mild by Southern California standards. On the other hand, this summer has been quite hot and humid, with traffic seeming to get worse every day. I'm happy to say that the Integra Jacket and Explorer 2 gloves totally fit the bill for summer riding. I've spent all of my commute time this summer wearing this new gear from Triumph and I'm quite happy for it!

The fully perforated panels of the Integra Jacket and the comfortable construction of the Explorer 2 gloves has made them cool and comfortable, even when the temperature has gone over 100 degrees. I've never used gloves as light as the Explorer 2 gloves, but again, like the Integra Jacket, they totally fit the bill for summer riding and commuting. Even though the Explorer 2 gloves feel much lighter than my "full race" gloves that I wear on the track, I trust that if I were to take a slide on them, the leather palm and finger sections in combination with the Keprotec abrasive panels would do quite a good job in protecting my hands from any road rash.

The first time I really tested all of this gear, I took it through every kind of weather that a Southern California early Summer day has to offer. My co-workers and I decided to do a run "up the crest" on the way to work on a Friday morning. Leaving Long Beach at five AM with the temperature hovering somewhere in the 40s, it was so overcast and drizzly that it felt like a constant light rain. Luckily, the Integra Jacket comes with a fully integrated waterproof cover! With the cover securely attached, it did not feel like and "add on", but in fact it felt like wearing a light, comfortable, and waterproof jacket which kept me dry the entire time. On this ride I was also trying the Raptor Vented Jeans for the first time. I was afraid that the fully perforated panels on the inner thighs and calves would make cause me to get wet and cold. But on the contrary, the placement of the panels is superb Ð with my legs clamped to the bike in normal riding position, I didn't feel any water seeping onto my legs at all.

I've spent all of my commute time this summer wearing this new gear from Triumph and I'm quite happy for it!

When we arrived at the top of the crest, it was a sunny and warm 65 degrees of so. I removed the waterproof cover from my Integra Jacket and proceeded to run one of my most comfortable rides down the crest (while leaving my friends in the dust). Haulin' A' at a nice comfortable pace, keeping cool, comfortable and relaxed with my Integra Jacket, Explorer 2 Gloves, and Raptor Jeans. I had a great ride and quickly fell in love with my new summer riding gear from Triumph!


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